Cattle Feed: An Essential Product For Cattle Farming

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Cattle, like buffalo, are the pet animals in Indian households. They have been a part of society for a long time because of milk and farming. With time technology advances, and the uses of cattle in agriculture vanished, but they are the source of milk. India is the highest milk-producing country in the world because of the dairy cattle like buffalo. Due to a lack of awareness and knowledge, people didn’t provide enough nutritious food for cattle. Nutrition helps increase milk production and the body growth of cattle.

Nutrients Requirements For Cattle

Hey is the primary food for cattle, but you can’t put only hey because it is not healthier for cattle. They will avoid eating hay and add cattle feed with hay to provide the nutrient requirements. Hay and grass will not fulfill the nutrients needed, so read about the nutrients and give the product to your cattle.

  • Energy

Cattle eat tons of hay in a year, but it doesn’t provide energy. Carbohydrates, fibers, and fats are cattle’s dominant source of energy. Products containing fibers are most used for energy among cattle, and roughage is the cheapest fiber. Energy helps cattle to do work such as movement, digestion, reproduction, growth, and lactation. So, It is one of the essential nutrients for cattle to maintain the body’s function, and energy is the most crucial nutrient after water.

  • Minerals

It is a crucial nutrient for cattle health as it helps the rumen to function better. Around 17 minerals are require for the cattle in the lower amount. Some minerals are Potassium, Sulphur, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Chlorine, etc. The minerals are divided into two parts: Macro minerals and Trace minerals. Macro minerals are need in large amounts for body function, while trace minerals are needed in lower amounts. Minerals are useful in producing milk, immunity booster, reproduction, energy, and growth.

  • Vitamin

Vitamin is one of the crucial nutrients biologically present in the cattle body and need in small amounts. Vitamins A, D, E, and K are vital for cattle as they are fat-soluble and stored in their fat tissue and liver. Since these are biologically present in the body, make sure vitamin deficiency doesn’t happen in the body. Vitamin A is crucial for reproduction, growth, and maintenance, and deficiency of it will lead to lower fertility. Vitamin D is essential for bone development, and a shortage of it can become the reason for the bowing of the leg. Older cattle require vitamin D because their bones become weak, and vitamin E is for muscle development.

  • Water

Water is the most crucial thing for living animals, and we often forget that water is the most necessary nutrient for cattle. It helps to transport nutrients through blood, regulates temperature, and maintains cellular structure.

Types of Cattle Feed

  • Grass Food

Grass food is the vastly used food for cattle worldwide because it is easily accessible and very beneficial for cattle. It is generally use for increasing milk production, and cattle also enjoy eating it. Add 15-20 kg of green fodder in chara for cattle is suggest. Green fodder is seasonal, and we can’t grow it every season. Silage is a product make from green fodder during a shortage of green food. We can buy silage or make silage for our cattle, and we can use silage the whole year.

  • Khal

Khal comes in various forms and is beneficial for milk production. Numerous types of Khal are available, such as Sarso ki Kachhi Khal, Binola Khal, and pellets. All the Khal is use in the chara to make nutritious food for cattle. Most of the Khal is made up of naturally occurring products like Sarso, increasing the fat and providing more protein to the cattle.

Some Khal is naturally use as a cattle feed know as Kachchi Khal, while some are process for the cattle.

  • Chana Churi Chhilka

Chana Churi Chhilka is a cattle feed that has naturally been around us for a long time. Many traditional feeds are use for the cattle like Soya Chilka, Choker, Daliya, Chana Churi, etc. So, All the traditional food is easily available around us and has many benefits for the cattle. All the traditional foods are rich in fiber and protein and have some fat percentage.

Churi is a lightweight product, 1kg of churi is enough for the cattle to feed them the entire day. It is not an expensive product; anyone can buy as many products as they want.

  • Mineral Mixture

The mineral mixture is specially make for cattle to prevent micronutrient deficiency. Add 50 mg of the mineral mixture into the chara for better output.


Dairy cattle like buffalo are widely use for milk production, and India is at the top in milk production. Most Indian dairy cattle are under production due to less awareness and information. People are using hay and grass as food for cattle, and cattle need enough nutrients to increase milk production and overall growth. Visit MeraPashu360 for cattle feed, chana churi, mineral mixture, etc. They help small farmers with cattle feed, cattle, and their services.

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