Brewing Iced Tea? Brew it like a Master!

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While in winters, one has to remind oneself about having at least a bottle of water a day, in

Summers, it is quite instinctive. And, if one has an option of having a refreshing Iced Tea on a

hot day, it is definitely an enticement.

A tempting glass of Iced Tea is as much a rejuvenating drink, as is nutritionally healthy. The

An easy and quick-to-make beverage is almost a must to quench your hot summer thirst.

No! You don’t have to depend on that unhealthy sugar-laced artificially flavoured sachets

claiming instant ice tea anymore, when you can brew it with real & genuine tea leaves clubbed with other healthy natural seasonings, almost as quickly.

Here are two basic ways to make that Oh La La Iced Tea. Both involve steeping genuine whole

loose tea leaves in water:

1. Cold Brewing – Just add a spoon full of tea leaves to a glass of water at room temperature

and let it refrigerate for 2 to 4 hours. Sieve and Viola! You have your genuine and

authentic Iced Tea ready. You could also leave it in the refrigerator overnight for a chill.

2. Hot Brewing – Steep a spoon full of tea leaves into a pan of warm water (do not boil the

tea leaves) and after 15 – 20 min, sieve. Add loads of ice to cool it down and you have

your Iced Tea ready to be enjoyed!

Based on your taste and preference, you could consider adding accompaniments to your Iced


Honey or Jaggery – if you like it sweet

Fresh Lemon – if you like it tangy

Another great alternative is an Iced Teas called BeauTEA from Kangra Tea House, that has been

crafted by Master Brewers with Kangra Whole Loose Tea Leaves along with just the right

amounts of Hibiscus, Rose, Lemongrass and Mint, all in its genuine organic forms (no sprays or

essence or oils). They also have genuine Orthodox Kangra Black Tea that offers a refreshing

Black Iced Tea alternative.

Additional Brewing Tips

● Iced Tea could be brewed from Black as well as Green Tea Leaves

● Use Filter or RO water for better results

● Stick to exploring with Honey/ Jaggery while avoiding any unhealthy syrups and additives.

Where to purchase the perfect tea leaves from?

● To get the most tingling and refreshing flavour you should try out tea leaves from the

Kangra Tea House as they offer a wide array of flavours (spicy, herbaceous, rooty, floral)

to choose from. They offer 100% certified organic tea leaves. The green tea leaves are

one of my favourites especially 100% Certified Organic Tulsi Green Tea – KTH

DiviniTEA provides a very strong and rich flavour of Tulsi.

● These tea leaves have zero bitterness and offer a good natural sweet undertone.

● You can store the leaves in a bowl or container and reuse the leaves especially if it is

Black Iced Tea Leaves. As these are hand rolled leaves the flavour gets better every time

you reuse the leaves. These tea leaves are much more economical as well.

● It gives a calming feeling to the mind and gives relief to pains as well. There are no

added preservatives or additional substances in it, it is purely organic.

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