Best Analogue Watches for women Wear In & Out of the Sea

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The majority of Surf watch lists contain the same handful of analog watches for women. Plastic smart watches, perhaps in vibrant hues, that display the tide, your heart rate, and the number of waves. Great if you desire a watch with GPS and WiFi. But it’s going to be ugly looking.

What if you desire an attractive surf watch? Something you’d be proud to wear in the bar or on the beach after a session of surfing. You may be interested in a watch that has a historical connection to surfing or raises funds for a cause dear to the heart of surfers.

Do Companies Make Analog Watches For women Designed for Surfing?

Indeed, they do. They are increasingly releasing smartwatches with digital displays that display not only the time but also tide information. This generally refers to analog watches for women with square or angular shapes. There are exceptions; Timex and Casio produce models with a more conventional aesthetic; however, they go against the current trend.

If you prefer an analogue watch, then a rugged dive watch would be the default option. Something with adequate water resistance and minimal bulk. A timepiece designed for sports. There are numerous options, which is overwhelming. Dive watches are so popular that virtually every watchmaker produces at least one model.

But analogue watches designed for surfing or with a connection to surfing? The list suddenly becomes much shorter.

They are real. The Superocean Heritage Chronograph 44 Outerknown was introduced by Breitling. It was a collaboration between Breitling and the company of Kelly Slater, Outerknown. It is an excellent timepiece with a Breitling automatic movement and a nylon-waste Outerknown strap. However, its price exceeds $5,000. I’d like to present you with a list of models that are more affordable. Watches that were designed for surfers, either in terms of functionality or aesthetics, while remaining accessible.

The Best Analog Watches for Surfers

Clearly, we need minimum standards, the most obvious of which is water resistance. So I’ve chosen watches that can withstand submersion, but also reference surfing in some way. I selected the watches on the basis of their specifications, prices, and design inspiration.

The Bulova Archive Series is a collection that draws inspiration from the company’s own history. They have updated some of their most popular designs from the past with contemporary watchmaking technology.

Bulova is a brand that I frequently feature on this blog because they are a company with a rich history, a legacy of innovation, and a penchant for reissuing their most iconic pieces. Find out more here.

Alsta Surf N Ski

This model, known as Chronograph A, was inspired by the design of 1970s Bulova dive watches. It was dubbed the Surfboard due to the surfboard-shaped dial in its centre.

It is a unique timepiece that successfully marries the vintage aesthetic with modern preferences. The watch is powered by a modern, reliable Japanese quartz movement and has a 40mm case, which is larger than a vintage piece. However, the case is shaped like a retro barrel, and the dial, hands, and bezel are faithful recreations of a 1970s sports watch. You enjoy the advantages of both worlds.

The curved sapphire crystal enhances the vintage design while employing a material favoured by contemporary watch enthusiasts. With its 200M water resistance and silicone band, the watch is suitable for use in the ocean. Outside of the water, the watch is attractive and noticeable.

The quartz crisis refers to a period in the 1970s when traditional watchmakers faced competition from inexpensive, battery-powered timepieces. I’ve discussed this a number of times, particularly when I examined the response of the Japanese company Orient.

The 1940s-established Alsta brand was administered by a prosperous New York-based company. In 1982, after barely surviving the quartz crisis, the company was eventually dissolved. However, not before the brand made a lasting impression on watch enthusiasts.

In the 1960s and 1970s, they produced a number of attractive designs, but the Nautoscaph dive watch stood out. In the film Jaws, Richard Dreyfuss wore this watch.

Angus MacFadyen of Scotland resurrected the brand in 2014, with a recreation of the Nautoscaph as the first release of the new venture. The second limited edition was Surf N Ski. The original watch was designed for skiers in Aspen and St. Moritz and surfers in California. It was an attractive, angular item marketed to young, athletic, and affluent clients.

Similar to the Bulova, the new watch has been updated to accommodate contemporary tastes. The width of the previous model, 33mm, has been increased to 40mm here. Aside from that and the automatic Japanese movement, this is nearly identical to the original. The black PVD-coated case is complemented by an Italian leather strap. The dial has a magnificent contrast between the orange outer track and the white hands.

Analog watches for women
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