Become a Master in Assignment Writing by Avoiding Mistakes

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New Zealand has many renowned universities and many students across the world come to pursue their higher education from top universities. The University of Auckland, Victoria University of Wellington, Massey University, and Lincoln University are top universities in New Zealand. These universities provide top-quality education and offer different courses to the students. Selecting any of the courses, students have to work on several assignments on different topics.  May students do not have the experience and knowledge to draft assignments. It can be cumbersome for them to compose assignments without any mistakes. Most of the mistakes are committed by them due to unawareness and it can lead to low results in the assignment.

To compose a flawless assignment, students take online assignment help from professional experts. They can guide students to write the assignment in an excellent way. In this blog, we discuss some mistakes that students need to avoid in the assignment while writing it.

Remember the Mistakes in Assignment during the Writing Process

There are various kinds of mistakes can be committed by students in the assignment. According to the New Zealand assignment help experts, some common mistakes are mentioned below:

Use of Tenses

The most common and basic mistake in assignments committed by the students is grammatical or tense errors. It is quite simple that using correct tense or grammar rules plays a vital role in composing a quality assignment On the other hand, using incorrect tense can make your assignment look bad. Thus, students should pay attention to the tenses while writing the assignment. 


Students often don’t know the use of information collected from other resources. Paraphrasing plays an important role. It converts the sentence into other words but the meaning remains the same. Students should also be familiar with quoting, it adds credibility to other’s pieces of work using in your own assignment.   

Subject Verb Agreement

Another mistake in the assignment is using the wrong subject-verb agreement. It can also ruin the quality of work. Students should focus on using correct verbs according to the subject. If the subject is singular the verb should be singular. 

Facts and Details

While writing the assignment, students should use facts and detail about the topic. It can build the trust of readers with the content. Using fake or unauthentic information in an assignment not only affects its quality but also leads to poor results. Use reliable sources for fetching information and include them in the assignment. It also helps them to gain knowledge in the subject  


One of the worst mistakes that many students commit in their assignments is the use of misspelled words or the wrong vocabulary. In haste, they use wrongly spell words in assignments. Some of the words are similar in pronunciation but differ in their meaning. Due to the lack of awareness of such words students use them in the wrong way or place, However, they should avoid such types of mistakes in assignment writing.    

Confusion in the use of Passive or Active

It is another common mistake that is the use of passive or active voice in the assignment. Students often get confused in using active and passive voice in the assignment. Commonly academic assignments are written in active voice.  Students should develop the skills of writing so that they can understand which of the voices are required to interpret information in the assignment.  


These are some mistakes that students should avoid in their assignments. They can use online tools to check content or take online assignment help from experts to compose their assignments. New Zealand assignment help service provides top-quality assignments to the students without any error. 

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