AR in Surveillance: Not a Fiction Anymore!

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Not very long ago, video surveillance relied on video cassettes that were slow in case monitoring was required. With time, new approaches came forward that used IP-based security cameras that enabled remote management.

Video surveillance kept advancing, and the video quality kept improving! Higher resolutions came into the picture that offered viewers convenience to clearly view any ongoing activity. Not only this, but modern surveillance cameras can also perform actions like tracking vehicle number plates, detecting suspicious noise, etc.

Fortunately, modern technologies like Augmented Reality contribute to building an advanced experience.


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More About Augmented Reality!

Many people follow a myth that AR and VR are the same; however, the two technologies vary.

Notably, VR uses wearables like a headset to enable users to enter the virtual environment. It is a simulated experience that might or might not be similar to the real world. On the other hand, AR technology offers a real-world experience enhanced by computer-generated images.

Are you a Pokemon Go fan? Then, you’re already familiar with the potential Augmented Reality holds!

Undoubtedly, AR has the capability to work efficiently with practical mobile applications. For instance, it can be leveraged with smart glasses to view directions. Or it may view customer feedbacks of a restaurant while passing by the same.

Interesting, right?

The Amalgamation of AR in Video Surveillance

As mentioned earlier, AR is a natural environment influenced by a computer-generated world! One of the most popular examples is the Snapchat filters.

But how AR works efficiently in surveillance?

The element that contributes to making AR an exceptional technology is its ability to display necessary information.

It can help the firefighters to get familiar with the layout of an unknown building to evacuate people in trouble via safe emergency exits. Moreover, it can also help preview dangerous areas to avoid moving in the same direction and safely disperse the building.

Do you know how everything can be managed seamlessly?

Fortunately, the information can be managed remotely from a control room that can feature live information using AR tech. Not only this, but the data can also be accessed via a mobile app complementing the surveillance system.

AR and surveillance can also be operated by police officers to gather location-based data or any other information of a suspicious movement.

Use Cases of AR in Surveillance

– Works as a Security Tool

Surveillance not only means catching inappropriate activities like theft. It is much more than that!

For instance, chemical factories can install surveillance cameras to keep an eye on places that are hard to reach. However, when leveraged with AR, the system can also overlay updates on the temperature, air quality, and chemical leakage.

Detection of leakage and smoke will help the security team to evacuate the space safely before reaching any critical level.

– Generate Alerts

AR-based surveillance immediately generates alerts if it experiences any unusual activity, including perimeter breaches, breaking sound, change in temperature, etc.

Additionally, AR might also map the intruder’s movements to keep track of their location!

What’s more?

Apart from the above-mentioned use cases, AR is efficiently used by the e-commerce industry. Retailers have now started adopting AR tech to bridge the gap between online shopping and its consumers. Notably, mobile apps that incorporate AR enable app users to virtually try the products before shopping.

The Evolution of AR Tech

While incorporating AR into mechanisms as surveillance seems like a part of a fiction movie, the tech is becoming mainstream and will continue to grow.

From gaming to other industries, the combination of real and digital has worked like a charm in offering an extraordinary experience.

The use cases of AR will continue to grow, and businesses will soon start digging more opportunities to leverage the tech into their mechanisms.

Talking about modern surveillance patterns, AR can improve the overall security and safety to decrease the response time. It will revolutionize the way surveillance works and will become a cutting-edge security system.

Do you agree?

How about adopting the structure? Not to overlook mentioning, you’ll also need a mobile app that works with the mechanism. Therefore, don’t forget to shake hands with the best AR app development companies to work on your idea.

Happy innovation!

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