App Ideation Workshop: How (and Why) to Conduct One

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Creating a mobile application for a business is very easy and simple. True! But for those only who have expertise in the field. 

Some businesses develop a mobile app as a part of the expansion, but that doesn’t work. Even the application provides perfect design and accessibility, yet fails to succeed. 

It happens because the business fails to provide a solution that makes a difference. People do want an appealing app that only can provide them with simple access. Moreover, it is imperative to offer a solution to the common issue that people need. When your services are consumer-oriented, you can only benefit from an app. 

Now, the question is, what is responsible for sinking an application into the market after the launch? The answer is improper ideation for app development. If you collaborate with a top mobile app development company in Kuwait, you know that such an agency works on ideation to deliver robust apps. 

Ideation workshops play a crucial role in the app development process. It filters out many things that can scale your project to build innovative applications. In case you are not fully aware of it, this post is an apt source of information. Read the information explained and get a mobile app with a sure win. 

Ideation Workshop – A Brief Explanation

Ideation is a process in which a team of professionals discusses ideas and opportunities to explore ways to create an app. During an ideation workshop, you can come up with unique and requirement-oriented strategies to proceed. 

An ideation workshop aims to encourage creativity and innovation. You assemble a team to engage in open discussion with idea sharing. In such an environment, all team members can participate creatively in idea generation, which promotes teamwork. Furthermore, participants in an ideation workshop can explore without considering feasibility or plausibility because the ideas generated will not be evaluated immediately.

Not all, but an experienced app development company in Kuwait knows how to conduct brainstorming sessions to bring out as many ideas as possible about a topic. With this, you can get quality over quantity and sometimes a combination of both. 

Guide to Running an Ideation Workshop Effectively

1. Make a problem statement

Defining the core problem in designing an app is something that you should do first. Make sure you consider the user’s perspective while making a problem statement. Moreover, you must generate relevant ideas considering the top one or two problems in a statement. 

When it comes to creating a problem statement, you must not forget the W’s (What, Who, Where, Why, and How). Once you look for the problem statement, make sure you can identify the need of a user to overcome the problem. 

2. Choose the ideation technique(s)

Flip the problemGenerate opposite ideas to the trouble to identify the best solution for your business app. 

Be the CEO: Participate as a CEO, ask about their approach to resolving the problem and bring a solution. 

Crazy 8’s: Writing down 8 ideas within 8 minutes lets you explore more ideas for your project.

Worst idea: Every participant presents the worst idea to your project, and the rest devise a solution. 

3. Voting

When your ideation techniques give you more than one outcome to eliminate a problem, you must narrow down the solutions. Then, by choosing to vote for the outcomes, you can find a solution with the support of the majority. Then, depending upon the best choice of ideas, you can kickstart your project. 

4. Follow-up with the team

Finding an idea by brainstorming on different approaches is good. But you must discuss the feasibility with the designing and project management teams. The involvement of both teams plays a key role in building a robust application. All renowned app development companies follow up with the designer team to ensure that the project is scalable or not. 

Summing up

You can plan any project and ensure success by considering an excellent approach to holding an ideation workshop. Moreover, the above information can surely help you achieve your goals by developing a foolproof plan. But, if you find it challenging to do so, collaborating with an application development company is the right step. Once you are in touch with a team of experts, half of the task is done. So, connect with a top mobile app development company and create your dream app. 

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