An Ultimate Guide About Packaging Boxes And Their Types

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What are packaging boxes?

There is a box for every package, no matter what type it is. The interior ridges provide stability and adaptability, typically desired in packing. Double walls provide strength. They are lightweight, portable, attractive, and reusable (eco-friendly). All high-quality custom packaging boxes share several characteristics that improve your clients’ entire brand impression.

7 best types of packaging boxes

1.      Convertible carton boxes

Paperboard boxes also called custom product boxes, are utilized for most retail product packaging. The extremities of these carton boxes typically have tuck flaps on them. Folding packaging boxes is a terrific way to ensure that your shipment reaches your consumers safely and reliably, whether you’re delivering clothes, lamps, or other lightweight items.

2.      Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are a more robust, reliable solution for the product. They can’t collapse like ordinary boxes because they are composed of more robust materials. Rigid-style packages are frequently wrapped individually with an additional item to help lighten it up slightly and increase its appeal to consumers. thePackagingPro specializes in fully customized packaging boxes.

3.      Boxes with Full Overlap

Exterior flaps on these box designs overhang the box’s breadth, giving fantastic durability and offering an excellent service for which you can use all your imagination. A packing solution that indeed provides the best of both worlds.

4.      Boxed telescopes

These custom printed boxes are the best boxes and the boxed telescope is one of its types. It contains two pieces, and the lid may be withdrawn, like how the lens is covered on a telescope by the top. To create the impression of unpacking and add refinement, many luxury goods are packaged in this fashion.

5.      Boxes with a roll-end tuck top

Despite having a somewhat convoluted name, this sort of box operates very straightforwardly. By collapsing the edges & tucking these into the front, the package can be constructed without glue or perhaps even adhesive.

This kind of box is frequently used to send baked products, and countless design options exist. A package is a popular option for delicious meals because the lid can also be translucent to display the items.

6.      Shoulder Boxes

Because you don’t see this box design very often, it stands out more when you do. The product is kept in the center of the box, which has a base separate from the cover. An excellent method to draw attention to the box and emphasize it more seriously is to use contrasting colors with the goods in the center.

7.      Cardboard boxes

Although rigid boxes are frequently used to ship bulky items, a corrugated box will work well if the thing is too cumbersome for even a rigid box. Corrugated cardboard makes rigid boxes, which maintain their structural strength even when stacked. In effect, this helps shield the goods kept inside from further harm. Custom packaging boxes and printed boxes made from various materials to match your industry and product can be found on


Therefore, it pays to partner with a provider that appreciates packaging and has the expertise and capacity to support you in realizing your shipping goal, even if you’re shipping fancy watches or cupcakes, or everything in between.

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