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Since ancient times, acupuncture has been used to treat various health issues. This alternative treatment is based on traditional Chinese medicine and can reduce pain and other symptoms using fine needles. These are some things you should know about acupuncture in Sherwood Park, whether you are interested in learning it or you are considering having it done.

It doesn’t hurt

These needles are very thin and can be inserted into the skin by acupuncturists. They are lighter than the needles used to give shots. You won’t feel any pressure when acupuncture needles touch your skin.

It usually requires multiple sessions

Although acupuncture can provide pain relief, the long-term effects of acupuncture are usually not seen immediately. Your acupuncturist may recommend several treatments depending on the severity of your pain or if you have a health condition that requires acupuncture.

It is recommended to eat before you start treatment

It is highly recommended that you have something to eat before you go in for acupuncture. This will ensure that you are fueled up and keep your mind alert. This helps to reduce the possibility of suffering from lightheadedness while receiving treatment.

Needles are only used once

You don’t want needles being used on others clients. Acupuncturists must dispose of any used needles and replace them with newer ones.

Loose clothing is recommended

Loose clothing makes it easier for acupuncturists to reach targeted areas. You can expect to be completely draped if you have to remove any clothing.

It helps with multiple health problems

Although acupuncture often relieves pain, it can also treat other health problems. These include allergies, digestive problems, anxiety, and menstrual issues.

It can have beneficial side effects

Acupuncture can have side effects that can help improve your overall health. You may feel more energetic and less stressed. You may also feel more rested.

This might involve checking your physical condition

Your acupuncturist may need to assess your physical condition to determine which acupuncture treatment is best for you. Your acupuncturist might check your pulse and look for tension in certain body areas.

It is not spiritual or religious

Acupuncture in Sherwood park does not offer spiritual or religious treatment. It is based upon ancient Chinese medicine principles that have been proven efficient for centuries.

Sometimes, other types of treatment are also available

Sometimes, acupuncturists may offer other treatments to complement acupuncture. These include acupressure and cupping.

What’s acupuncture used to treat?

According to a national survey, acupuncture is the most popular treatment for pain in the United States. It can be used for the back, neck, and joint pain.

What evidence does the research say about acupuncture in conditions other than pain?

Acupuncture in Sherwood Park is effective for pain relief and at least 50 other conditions. Evidence suggests that acupuncture can relieve seasonal allergies, stress incontinence in females, nausea, and vomiting related to cancer treatment. Although it may alleviate symptoms and improve the quality of life for people who have asthma, there has been no evidence that it can improve lung function.

What does science tell about the Acupuncture?

Although the scientific evidence for acupuncture is mixed in its favor, it has been extensively studied in clinical trials. A 2012 study showed that it effectively treats chronic pain conditions such as headaches, neck pain, and shoulder pain. In 2018, a meta-analysis confirmed these same claims.

Although the research on acupuncture’s effectiveness in treating mental disorders such as anxiety and depression seems promising, much is still to be done.

A study of acupuncture’s effects on heartbeat variability (HRV) has been done. This indicates overall health, stress resilience, and overall health. Some studies have shown it can improve HRV. This is good news for anyone seeking treatment to reduce stress, whether psychological or physical.


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Olivia Rodriguez
Olivia Rodriguez
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