8 Famous Tourist Spots In Korea You Must Visit

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South Korea is the top tourist destination that many tourists love today. Korea has a harmonious combination of wild nature and modern beauty, unique culture, and rich cuisine. Please pocket more a list of 8 famous tourist spots in Korea that newspaperla shared below to make your trip more perfect!

1. Seoul City

Seoul is a modern city stretching along the romantic Han River. Surrounded by majestic mountains. This city is not only the capital but also an attractive tourist spots in Korea and Asia. With modern and classic beauty, Seoul city always gives visitors new experiences and different emotions. Exploring Seoul, you will be able to visit many attractive places from palaces and temples to bustling commercial centers, vibrant and modern amusement parks, or romantic green parks. When you arrive in this expensive city, you can book a room in advance at Hotels.com. Don’t forget to use Hotels.com coupon codes to save more costs when booking.

2. Namsan Tower

Built-in 1969, Namsan Tower was the first TV and radio tower in Korea. Since opening to the public in 1980, Namsan Tower has become a very popular attraction, attracting a large number of visitors every year. In particular, the tower also owns a 360-degree digital observatory. Where visitors can admire the panorama of vibrant and modern Seoul city.

Namsan Tower
Namsan Tower

At night is also the time when this tower becomes the most lively and sparkling. With more than 70 lights that change color continuously, making you feel hypnotized and unable to take your eyes off the tower. In particular, depending on the time of travel to Korea, visitors can also see the Namsan tower changing the color of the lights depending on the season. Namsan Tower impresses visitors with “love locks”. Accordingly, when couples come to the tower, they will often bring two locks and lock them together on the railing at the terrace. This is a symbol of their love.

3. Jinhae-gu

Jinhae-gu is an area located in the city of Changwon in Southern Korea. This is a place famous throughout the country for its spring cherry blossom festival which attracts millions of visitors every year. At this time, Jinhae-gu will put on an extremely beautiful and poetic peach-pink color that makes many visitors fall in love and surprise.

Among the places to see flowers in the city, Kyeoghwa train station and Yeojwa canal are considered the two most tourist spots in Korea that you can visit. In particular, at Yeojwa channel, lovers will have the opportunity to cross the romantic bridge Romance Bridge, a setting in the famous TV series “Romance”. Not only that, visitors also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in vibrant cultural and art performances.

4. Everland Park

Visiting Everland Park will be an extremely interesting experience for your Korean trip. Everland is known as the largest amusement park in Korea. The park has a spacious campus including 1 water park, 5 roller coasters, and 5 main attractions. They are designed according to the theme of 5 continents: American Adventure, Magic Land, Global Fair, European Adventure, and Zoo Topia. Besides participating in adventure games such as Roll X-train, and Columbus Adventure, visitors can also encounter cartoon characters or see first-hand the lord of the jungle, and lovely bears when exploring Safari World.

5. Mount Seorak

Seorak is the third highest mountain in the land of kimchi located in the northeast of Korea. Mount Seorak stretches across 4 towns. Seoraksan National Park is located here, which is considered as a nature reserve with majestic mountains, valleys, and rich flora and fauna. The most prominent sights here are the Ulsanbawi rock cluster with 5 rock blocks located close to each other. At the top of each block, there is a cauldron-like recess; Seorak Valley (Valley of a Thousand Buddhas). According to the Korean travel experience, autumn is the most ideal time for tourists to visit Seorak. Because at this time, nature here is like a beautiful lacquer painting with red and yellow trees replacing leaves and small streams flowing through the ravine.

6. Jeju Island

Korea is a country famous for its many beautiful and attractive islands. And among them, it is definitely impossible not to mention Jeju, which is known as the love paradise in the land of kimchi. This is the largest island in Korea with volcanic rocks of all shapes with characteristic black color. They are located everywhere on both sides of the road and line up in fences around large tangerine groves or stretching along the coastline.

Jeju Island
Jeju Island

Some famous destinations that you can visit on Jeju Island such as Seopjikoji east coastline, 500-year-old Seongsan Ilchubong mountain, Halla mountain, etc. In addition, Jeju cuisine with many attractive dishes is also a popular tourist spots in Korea. something that you should not miss in your journey.

7. Nami Island

With charming scenery, Nami Island is a destination that you must definitely visit when coming to Korea. This beautiful island is located in the middle area of ​​the North Han River. It has a semicircular shape like a leaf boat that stands out on a long river. The island’s name Nami is named after general Nami – who was instrumental in quelling the rebellion in the 13th century.

Nami Island has a very pleasant weather pattern. According to the Korean travel experience, autumn is the most ideal time for tourists to visit Nami Island. You can admire the romantic golden autumn picture with rows of trees changing colors. Not only the natural scenery, but the cuisine of Nami Island is also one of the special attractions for tourist spots in Korea. If you have the opportunity to come here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy special dishes such as fried boneless chicken with cabbage, grilled meat, and seafood, …

8. Busan

Busan is the largest port city in Korea and is located southeast of Seoul. This place is one of the favorite destinations for many tourist spots in Korea when it comes to owning beautiful and large beaches, long rivers, poetic natural landscapes or rows of houses located on hills, and peaceful life. of the people of the sea.

Visiting Busan city, you can find famous places such as Haeundae, Gwangalli, Songdo beaches; Pusan ​​aquatic park, visit Jagalchi fish market,… Or explore Korean history and culture at Gamcheon Cultural Village, Yonggungsa Temple, Beomeosa Temple, Yongdusan Park, Busan Tower,…

Besides, Busan is also considered a culinary paradise with a series of famous restaurants, so take your time and enjoy the local dishes.

The land of kimchi has countless attractive destinations and many other interesting things waiting for you to discover. So to have a convenient trip to Korea, don’t hesitate to immediately use the Booking.com coupon $25 to save more when booking flight tickets or guide tour services.

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