7 Steps to Add a TikTok Widget to Your Site

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These days, TikTok is all the rage.TikTok is one of the most widely used platforms on the planet, with over a billion users worldwide.By the end of 2022, there will be 1.8 billion users of TikTok.The owners of businesses have access to a huge market like that.TikTok is a social media platform that lets users share short videos, if you’re not familiar with TokTok.The app is very popular with Generation Z, but Millenials are starting to use it less and less.

TikTok should be included in your marketing channels if your target audience falls into this demographic. This will help you reach your ideal audience more quickly.Utilizing a TikTok widget is a great way to take advantage of the marketing potential of the platform.
You can show a live feed of videos on your profile using a TikTok widget.You’ll be able to keep your website visitors interested in your brand for longer if you do this.We will explain what a TikTok widget is and provide you with a detailed tutorial on how to use one in this article.

What is a widget for TikTok?

A social media aggregator is essentially a TikTok widget.It enables you to display collectively customized posts from your TikTok account on your website.Because of this, TikTok is an excellent method for raising awareness of your brand and introducing your product to broader audiences.

You can show users the variety of content your brand produces by using a TikTok widget.Your audience gains trust when you collect user-generated content as part of your marketing strategy.It shows the human side of your image and makes clients more able to purchase from you.

Embedding a feed on your website or blog is one of the best uses for a TikTok widget.You can direct visitors to your TikTok profile from your website by embedding your TikTok posts there.This helps you build a social media network that works together to position yourself as the best option for customers in your niche.

Curator.io is a user-friendly aggregator that lets you pull data from more than a dozen different sources.Sign up for Curator.io’s free forever plan right away if you want to try it out.

How to use a TikTok widget How do you begin putting posts from your personal profile into your TikTok feed?The necessary steps are listed here.

Step 1.Sign up

for a TikTok widget that is either free or very cheap. A social media aggregator is a tool that makes it easy to combine posts from one or more social media platforms into a social wall that you can embed on your website.Data from hashtags, mentions, trends, etc. is gathered by social media aggregators.You have the option of arranging your curated feed in a professional layout of your choosing, depending on the social media aggregator for which you sign up.

A social media aggregator like Curator can help you personalize your curated feed.You can use Curator to pull content based on the platform from accounts, hashtags, mentions, and geolocations.

Hashtag aggregation, support for all major social media platforms, embeddable feeds, layouts, design options, and moderation rules (so that you can set posts to be approved automatically or log in to approve them) are among the best features.
Curator is simple to use and has the best free plan; even on the free plan, there is no visible branding.Create a Curator account.
Step 2.You can begin curating your own TikTok feed to display on your website after signing up for your free Curator account.Navigate to your Curator dashboard to begin curating your feed.

The top of your dashboard has three tabs: organize, curate, and publish.Click the plus sign with the words “Create new feed” below it under the “Organize” tab.

A pop-up window like the one in the image below should appear after you click “Create new feed.”
Give your new feed a name.Then, choose “Approved” or “Needs Approval” as your default post status.All of your posts will be added to your curated feed if they are “approved.”Each post marked “Needs Approval” will need to be manually reviewed before it can be added to your curated feed.If you want to choose which posts go on your website more carefully, this is great.

Step 3.

Select TikTok as the content source following the creation of your new feed.Under the words “Add a Source,” click the plus sign.From the list of options for social media, select “TikTok.”To continue, select Next.

Step 4.Interface your TikTok account

Presently, select the sort of presents you maintain that in plain view should in take care of and associate your TikTok account.Additionally, choose whether you want your posts to be sent to a new feed or the default feed.

Step 5.

Remove any videos you don’t want to embed on your website. Choose which posts you want to embed on your website using the option in Step 2.

Step 6.

Stylize the feed After that, modify the layout of your feed.Among other settings, you can select the style, border color, and background color.

Step 7.

Create a code to embed into your website by copying and pasting the widget’s code into it.The only thing left to do after that is to copy and paste the HTML embed code into your website.Keep in mind that the HTML code does not need to be copied again when you approve or remove posts.Your website will still support it.To delete or approve posts, all you need to do is log in to Curator and click the + or.
Software for the top three Twitter widgets You can use a Twitter widget to curate all of your posts on your website if you create content on Twitter.A great way to increase website awareness is to display a vibrant community of people who interact with your brand.

Home timelines, profile timelines, mentions, slideshows, hashtag feeds, a visual gallery, and so on can all be embedded.A Twitter widget tool can do so much for you.Having said that, the following is a list of our top three Twitter widget tools.

1.One of the most well-known and powerful social media aggregators is Curator.It has an easy-to-understand and clear user interface.Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, ping.fm, Twitter, Myspace, wordpress.com, and Foursquare are all supported by Curator.
You can set it so that each post must be manually approved before it appears on your website, or you can approve each post so that it appears immediately.Curator’s customer service is excellent.Any questions or concerns you have will be addressed promptly by the customer service team.

Curator also has many great advantages, such as:
It can be made to fit almost any use case.
It is simple to use and requires less training to master.
Even if you don’t have any design skills, you’ll still have a beautiful interface thanks to its minimalist design.
Curator is SEO-friendly because it uses JavaScript, unlike most other websites.
They provide excellent customer service and will promptly address any concerns you may have.
Curator works on mobile devices.It looks great on a website or on a mobile device.

By allowing you to embed the stream as HTML, JavaScript, or CSS directly into your website, the site grants you complete control.You can personalize it with the branding of your website.An impressive curated feed that perfectly complements your website’s design is the end result.

Curator has the best free plan and does not make your website’s branding obvious.The “Powered by Curator” link can be completely removed from any paid plan.Monthly prices for paid plans range from $20 to $200.You get the most for your money with Curator.
Additionally, Curator is a WordPress plugin, so you can install your widget without writing any code.

Instagram Widget

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