7 Impeccable Reasons To Send Your Child To A Winter Camp

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Holidays are the most difficult period for parents to give time to their kids and prevent the link of education from breaking during the holidays. However, children spend most of their time indoors during vacations. That is why it is the most difficult time for parents to limit screen time and keep their kids away from gadgets. In Dubai, winters are not so cold. That is why the emirate arranges winter camps for kids so parents can send their kids for physical activities in winter camps and prevent unlimited engagement.

Most winter camps in Dubai are arranged amidst green spaces. Furthermore, greenery has a positive impact on kids’ minds. These camps include some educational and creative activities followed by some team building and physical activities. So, winter camps are the best place to send your kids to make their vacation a time to grow and learn. 

The following are the benefits of winter camps for kids:

1. Make Kids Smarter

Studies show that children can improve their educational scores by 27%. Spending time outdoors improves children’s ability to study and concentrate. Students do not understand the science experiments by learning. All learning and no experiments can hamper their ability to learn. Winter camps are the best time to experiment with the science children have learned so far. The management arranges amazing science experiments by collaborating with other educational institutes. It enhances their interest in learning and their ability to focus.

2. Promote Physical Development

Physical activities play a vital role in the upbringing of children. It increases flexibility and promotes better immunity. Unfortunately, vacations are the time with no physical activities most of the time. As a result, they spend most of their time in front of a tab or watching something on mobile to kill time which has the worst effects on their health. Winter camps are the best opportunity to keep children away from technology-driven life and keep them busy with effective activities.

3. Taking Risks Brings Confidence

We appreciate kids when they win a game, but real confidence doesn’t come by winning in video games real-world challenges matter the most. If a child climbs a rope or walks on a log, only then he understands the value of accomplishing a goal. There are high chances of getting hurt in the process, but with these injuries, something grows in them. Winning by bearing hardships gives them a feeling of accomplishment and confidence.

4. Help Learn Social Skills

Camps are excellent places for kids to learn social skills. Spending time with other kids, playing with them, and participating in team-building activities help them interact and build strong friendships. In a school structure, children cannot talk and interact with kids as freely as they do in camps. That is why winter camps are the best place to learn and develop social skills as well.

5. Improves Health

No physical activities make kids lethargic. It also becomes a cause of developing various diseases like obesity, diabetes, etc. Contrary to it, adding physical activities builds confidence in kids. Furthermore, as the camps are arranged amidst nature, it is a great source of getting enough vitamin D which is essential for strong bones and immunity. If kids feel good, they do.

6. Benefits for Mental Health

Apart from physical health, camps surrounded by green spaces have mental health benefits as well. Study stress is common in children. Sending them to camps gives them a break from the fast-paced life and allows them to relax and breathe in the fresh air that relieves stress and depression and allows them to enjoy good mental health. Needless to say, how it improves mood and reduces mental fatigue.

7. Improves Observation Skills

As mentioned above, winter camps are filled with different activities, including science experiments, team-building activities, creative activities, and other skills. By participating in these activities, children get better observation skills and the ability to listen and learn. In contrast, children stay indoors with no physical activities that limit their existing abilities as well. Winter camps help children get involved in outdoor team-building activities and reap unlimited benefits.

8. Learn Appreciation For Nature

Learning and playing amidst nature, digging soil, and climbing mountains help kids appreciate nature.

In a nutshell, winter camps are the best place for kids to spend time and learn various skills that they cannot understand otherwise. So, do your research and send your children to the best camp in town.

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