5 Ways to Make the Water Heater System More Sustainable

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Everyone these days wants to have a water heater in their homes as it offers ample benefits to the people. Along with providing a comfortable life, having a hot shower helps in relieving muscle tension and enhances the body’s relaxation. Apart from that, it helps in improving sleeping patterns. But if you want all these benefits you have to spend some money on them.

Water heater plays an essential role in utility bills, but water heater repairs are also one thing. So, as the responsible homeowner, you have to offer your family a sustainable water heating system by which you can take a shower as many times as you can, and your bill will be below. So, if you are the one who worries about high utility bills, read the below pointers as they will tell you some ways to make the water heater system more sustainable.

  1. Invest in a tankless water heater

Many people get confused while buying a new water heater in regards to going for standard tank water heater or tankless water heater. But if you want to make your water heating system sustainable, ensure to go for the tankless water heater. The reason is it is energy-efficient and offers high-performance along with delivering endless hot water for your various needs.

These water heaters will only run when you need hot water and end up saving around 40% on electricity bills. However, if you talk about tank water heaters, they offer hot water when you switch it on and keep the water stored in a large reservoir meant for it. At the same time, tankless water heaters will give hot water right away when you are on the tap bringing you significant savings over the traditional approach.

So, invest your hard-earned money on a tankless water heater as it also takes less space and needs significantly less maintenance with time.

  • Can go for gas water heaters as well.

This is another strategy that proves to be effective in many houses and prevents time, and again water heater repairs are the use of gas water heaters. If you invest your money in this system, it will lower your energy bills along with a highly efficient water heating system. Now the question is, how does a gas water heater work?

In a gas water heater, a gas burner plays an essential role in heating. Also, remember that there are two types of gas water heaters: tank and the other is tankless water heaters. However, the tankless water heater is more effective than the tank water heater as it works on an on-demand principle as it only offers hot water when you need it.

So, go for the gas water heater to make the heating system more sustainable. But ensure to buy a good brand water heater so that it will run efficiently for a longer period of time and install it from the professional plumber for best result.

  • Keep an eye on the tank sediments.

If your home is in an area where you receive hard water, it is sure that minerals will get deposited in the water tank, which will impact the water heater’s overall efficiency. When the water gets heated in the tank, if there are excess minerals in the tank, they will crystallize and settle in the bottom of the tank. However, all the crystals will create sediment that reduces the overall efficiency and, with time, slows down the speed of the water heater.

So, to make the water heating solution more sustainable, ensure to drain the water heater one or two times a year. But make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions for draining the water heater to make it sediment-free and run efficiently.

  • Lower the thermostat

It is a good idea to invest in a sustainable system, but for the best result and to avoid water heater repairs, ensure to make a minor adjustment on your water heater. That means most water heaters are pre-set to 130 degrees to 140 degrees which is not healthy, especially when you have kids in your home.

Hence, for the best result and to ensure no one gets injured due to excess hot water, turn down the thermostat to around 120 degrees F. If you do so, you and your family will be safe, and your monthly energy cost will be low which is quite a significant value.

Apart from that, if your thermostat is faulty or your water heater model doesn’t show temperature, take the help of a thermometer to achieve the desired temperature.

  • Insulate your water tank and pipes

According to experts, a significant amount of energy gets lost through the water heater and its pipe. So, if you want to save energy, ensure to insulate your water storage tank and exposed piping so that heat will not get lost and the water will remain hot for a maximum period of time.

For insulation you can take the help of insulation blankets, which are relatively inexpensive and will offer an adverse impact on the overall energy bill. However, make sure not to cover the thermostat if you have an electric water heater or water heater’s top.

  • Ensure you have a right-sized water heater

This is another way by which you can make your water heater system more sustainable. That means you may think that a small water heater is better as it will reduce the overall energy bill, but you’re mistaken. The reason is undersized water heaters will overwork day and night, which will bring large utility bills. So, the best way to save your money is to install the right sized water heater according to your home needs which will offer hot water constantly.

The bottom line

Every water heating system delivers significant benefits to you and your family. For example, it contributes to financial strains. But if you want to make them more sustainable, ensure that you must invest your money in energy-saving appliances and techniques as we have discussed in the above pointers.

So, for the best result, please keep all the things in mind while buying a water heater according to your needs as it will help keep your money worth for a long time.

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