5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling on E-commerce

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An online marketplace is a combat zone for business owners. Once you sell your products on e-commerce, you need a perfect strategy to survive the competition and win the game.

Having your business strategy comprehensively planned will lead you to busy days of packing orders. But, marketing your products on e-commerce requires more than creating product videos or leveraging social media. 

Many sellers fail to meet their targets and goals because they step on the wrong path. Therefore, this article aims to help you avoid common mistakes when selling on e-commerce. Without further delay, let’s get started!

1. Shallow Target Audience Research

Understanding your audience is the foremost step to a successful business. If you fail to identify your target audience, it will be a miserable journey ahead. Therefore, you must address your prospects well by conducting comprehensive target audience research.

You can start by researching your target audience’s demographic and physiographic factors. Demographic factors include gender, age, education, and income. At the same time, physiographic factors cover attitude, personality, lifestyle, and interest.

The more comprehensive your research, it will be easier for you to develop a measured marketing strategy. Moreover, always identify the pain point of your target audience to come up with the best method to approach them.

2. Out-of-Trend Marketing Plan

A weak and out-of-trend marketing plan is a business’s black hole, so you must carefully develop a robust one. When it seems like cyberspace has become our daily destination, leveraging social media is a must thing to do. 

Even though you sell your products on e-commerce, you will always have an excuse to boost your promotion on social media platforms. Whenever you publish content on social media, add your e-commerce store link to convert the audience faster. 

Moreover, another marketing plan that you should put in mind is SEO optimization. To make your e-commerce store pop up on the top search on any search engine, you must ensure your SEO is game strong. Try embedding long-tailed keywords to compete with bigger competitors and target specific audiences.

Working on your SEO is not a one-night game, so it’s better to work on it as soon as possible. Also, encourage your customers to leave reviews for product and service quality to build audience’s trust.

3. Wrong E-commerce Platform

Choosing an e-commerce site to market your product is trickier than you think. Just when you assume all marketplace is the same, that’s when you make a mistake. When choosing an e-commerce, think of your products and target audiences.

Moreover, every e-commerce has its exclusive feature. You can choose more than one e-commerce site to sell your products. But, make sure to use the ones with an easy interface, fast loading page, and uncomplicated payment method.

Also, think of an e-commerce where buyers don’t necessarily need to do registration because it’s easier for them to shop. Moreover, e-commerce with good shipping options is also preferable. 

4. Poor Product Display and Description

Always do your best for your audiences, including creating high-quality product images and videos. Poor quality images will only leave your audience uninterested. While having high-quality image products will improve your professionality.

Make sure to use high-definition cameras to capture the products. Excellent images and videos quality will also improve the audience experience while shopping in your e-commerce store.

In addition, include a clear description that covers all essential information for shoppers. Don’t forget to make it SEO friendly, and add CTA to convert the audience.

5. Poor Customer Service

Poor customer service is a fatal mistake that can make prospects run away. Shoppers always want a quick response from sellers, so don’t make them wait for your answer too long. You get a higher chance of getting more sales when you answer their questions faster.

Also, sometimes customers have problems during their transactions, so you must always be ready to give them the best solution. An excellent customer service and product quality will make your customers return for more.


E-Commerce is an intensive battlefield for store owners. Stepping on the wrong path can lead to big problems. On the contrary, taking measurable steps and implementing the right marketing strategy will lead you to success.

From researching target audiences to giving them the best customer service, you’re now well aware of what you should do and avoid while running an online shop on e-commerce. Always upgrade your marketing strategy to keep up with the trend and gather more buyers!

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abdul waheed
abdul waheed
Abdul Waheed is a seasoned business blogger, specializing in entrepreneurship and small business management. With over 10 years of experience, he offers invaluable insights and practical guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them navigate the challenges of starting and growing a successful business.