11 Reasons Why CCNP Enterprise Certification Is Important?

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An enterprise-level Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification validates your competence in implementing and troubleshooting LAN and WAN networks. Additionally, candidates will be recognised for their ability to work with experts on video solutions, voice solutions, wireless security, and advanced technology. It is recommended that individuals have had at least one year of experience in networking before attempting the CCNP certifications.

Those holding a CCNP certification possess a valuable skill set required in technical roles within the enterprise, including systems engineering, network engineering, network technician, and support engineering. The CCNA certification is a prerequisite for achieving a CCNP certification.

CCNP Certification

To illustrate this, here are 11 reasons why CCNP course enterprise certification is critical to career advancement in the networking industry:

1. It Is Easy to Find a Job

CCNP course Enterprise certification allows you to apply for a wide variety of jobs. These include IT managers, computer systems and network administrators, network engineers, architects of computer networks, and project engineers, among many others.

2. There Is a High Potential for Salary Growth

Cisco Certification in CCNP Enterprise will enable you to earn a higher salary and open up various employment opportunities. Cisco research has found that CCNP enterprise-certified candidates earn at least 10% more than candidates without the certification at similar positions.

3. Recognition Of Skills 

Your ability to demonstrate a high level of knowledge and skills in computer networking will be enhanced by obtaining a CCNP certification. When you become certified through a recognised company such as Cisco, you will be recognised as an individual with the highest-quality coaching.

4. Opportunity To Remain Current with Technological Advances

The use of technology is ubiquitous. You must stay current with the latest technology to maintain your career growth. This is exactly what CCNA Enterprise-certified professionals do.

5. Makes Your Resume Enticing

The CV of the candidate speaks volumes about their educational background, employment history, and skill set. When a potential employer sees a Cisco certification CCNP Enterprise on a resume, they will probably assume you will continue to contribute to their organisation. The presence of such certifications on your resume also illustrates your commitment to learning and education.

6. Grows Your Self-Confidence 

Obtaining CCNP certifications can enhance employee morale and confidence. As a candidate, you will be confident that you have a high-quality certificate continuously in demand, rather than being afraid to apply for the position because of a lack of education.

7. An Excellent Job Growth Rate

Cisco courses such as CCNP enterprise certification help you not only find a great job in computer networking but also put you at the forefront regarding promotions and career advancement. If an individual decides to switch companies, this certification may be beneficial to them in securing a better job without the requirement to start at the bottom and work their way up.

With a CCNP certification, you will be able to find employment in positions that are expected to experience high growth in the future.

8. Eligibility For Advanced Certifications

Most Cisco courses function as a stepping stone or, at the very least, provide the necessary training for obtaining more advanced CNPP certifications. You will be prepared to pursue further education after obtaining a CCNP certification.

9. Training In Advanced Topics 

During your CCNP preparation, you will receive CCNP training in a variety of networking-related topics, such as designing networks, setting up, installing, and troubleshooting. By completing this certification, candidates gain valuable experience and CCNP training that will prepare them for various career opportunities. Their education will provide them with knowledge and practical skills that will prove invaluable in the future.

10. Brief Introduction to The Field of Computer Networking.

First and foremost, CCNP certification provides the candidate with a comprehensive understanding of computer networking. Additionally, you devote a great deal of time to studying for this certification and thus possess a deep understanding of the field you will be working in when taking the test. If you possess the certificate, it indicates that you have a thorough understanding of the requirements of your field and a great deal of experience.

11. Opportunity To Work in Various Countries Around the World

There are many benefits to earning the CCNP courses certification, regardless of your prior experience in the field. This phenomenon is particularly evident in emerging countries with IT capabilities, for example, Nigeria, Dubai, Australia, the USA, Nigeria, and Algeria.


Therefore, the Cisco CCNP certifications for enterprises are an excellent choice for network engineers and other professionals to excel in their fields. Further, the CCNP certification cost is reasonable for the training it provides. CCNP certifications prove your ability to manage enterprise networks and that you possess the technical knowledge and skills required.

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